Five reasons why every small business needs a website

Courtney Elsner

May 11, 2023

Websites are an essential part of customer communications, and engagement for small business today. When prospective customers are looking for a service or product they frequently search online. If online information is lacking or is non-existent a business can miss out on potential sales. According to the Pew Research Center "About one-in-three Americans shop online with a smartphone at least weekly." Websites can provide more than e-commerce, they can also be a platform to share information about your organization, brand, and products. Here are five reasons your small business needs a website:

1. Increased visibility and accessibility:

The majority of consumers today are looking to the internet to search for new products and services. Having a website increases your business's ability to reach customers in search of a new service. Building an online presents will help customers understand how they can engage with you, in person, and over the phone as well as through contact forms and social media.

2. Credibility and professionalism:

A well-designed and informative website conveys credibility and professionalism. Seventy-six percent of consumers research a company online before shopping (source, Visual Objects). This means the first impression of many small businesses is their website. If a website does not exist the message, along with trust, and confidence from potential customers may be lost. A website is an opportunity for a small business to showcase its brand, values, expertise, and to differentiate itself from competitors.

3. Cost-effective marketing:

Compared to traditional forms of advertising, such as print or television, a website is a cost-effective way to market a business. A website can reach a wider audience, provide more detailed information about a business's products and services, and can be updated easily and quickly.

4. Improved customer service:

A website can improve a business's customer service by providing customers with a platform to communicate with the business, such as through a contact form or live chat. Additionally, the business's hours, location, and frequently asked questions, can be posted to save customers time, and reduce the need for phone calls or emails.

5. Opportunities for growth and expansion:

Websites can take a small business beyond the local community. With e-commerce options available today consumers can become your customer without ever having stepped foot inside your business. In a tourist economy a well designed website can both attract new customers when they arrive and continue to provide engagement with customers when they leave.

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